Dressed Up, Dressed Down

I’ve been working a lot in the studio recently and then heading straight to meetings or events, so it’s important to be able to have on outfit that can easily transition from one setting to the next without needing to haul a whole array of clothes along with me. 

My tip for anyone else in a similar situation has to be an Oxford shirt. Buttoned up with a pair of smart black pants or chinos and you’ve got a formal enough outfit to wear to work or meetings. Come the end of the day, roll up the sleeves, roll up the pants, roll out of the office and into evening events with an outfit that’s casual enough to not look too dressy but still formal enough to be taken seriously (and to look like you’re taking the event seriously).

Of course accessories are also key so I would recommend a pair of brown brogues that would work well either dressed up or dressed down, and a small holdall or messenger bag that would suit after-work situations a lot better than the old fashioned briefcase. 

Lastly, watches are a great accent to dress up any more casual looking outfit, and to show that you still mean business even if your sleeves are rolled up and you’ve got three buttons undone (I get hot ok!) 

In the above looks, I’ve strapped on the leather-strapped ‘Beta’ for a more classic and elegant style to go with a white shirt, and then the chunkier and more edgy ‘Renato’ for a nice contrast against the blue shirt.