Chiang Mai, oh Mai

As some of you may know, a couple of years ago (but which honestly feels like an age ago) I spent almost half a year living in Bangkok. As much as I enjoyed my time there, I guess it had always left such an indelible mark on my mind that whenever anyone mentioned Thailand, I immediately had visions of a frenzied, teeming metropolis. 

Of course I knew that I was doing the country a huge discourtesy by painting the entirety of it with the same bustling brush, and as time went on I had an increasing yearning to discover the other side of the Thailand; the stunning countryside and the tranquil waters.

So it was with long and overdue excitement that I finally found myself heading to Chiang Mai, about 700km north of Bangkok, but as I would soon find out, it was in many other ways a million miles away. In fact where Drea had organised for us to stay was another 2 hours out from the centre of the city, quite literally on the other side of a large lake, and so getting there turned out to be half the fun.

In Singapore, I'm the kind of guy who does my seatbelt up the minute I sit down in a taxi - I think it must be the English in me, because even my local friends laugh at me for being so safety conscious. Anyway, such safety was but a distant memory as we alternated between open top top tuk tuks, leaky boats, and in one "life flashing before my eyes" moment, a rather precariously placed plank on the back of a truck. And it was all fantastic. There's something so liberating about being engulfed by the wind as you hurtle down bumpy and uneven dirt paths with one hand clinging onto any part of the vehicle for dear life, and the other making sure our luggage didn't fly onto the road behind us.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are some photos from the trip!