Recent Press Clippings

As some of you might know, in my spare time (which has unfortunately been dwindling more and more in recent times,) I write articles for a number of different publications both within Singapore and overseas. Thus over the years I guess I've become quite comfortable at writing pieces about various events, people, concerts and so on. 

When the pen is in the other hand, however (I'm using this as a variation on the shoe on the other foot analogy but it's late, and in the morning I might realise this doesn't work at all...), I must admit I still get a nervy thrill to read what other people have written about me! Whilst I spent my formative years in London, I did my two bachelors degrees and post-graduate honours degree at The University of Western Australia, and so it came as a rather welcome surprise when the main newspaper from WA got in touch about wanting to do a feature on me. I remember back when I was studying I used to escape to a cafe around the corner from university and read the paper as a means of extreme procrastination, and obviously back then I never thought that I would actually have an article written about me one day. But then again I could never have perceived in a million years (late night cliché sorry) that after having spent so many years studying with the assumption that I would ultimately end up behind a desk somewhere, I would now be hosting shows, acting, and modelling around Asia. Funny how things turn out hey. 

Anyway, here's a copy of the article if you're interested!

You might have noticed that this blog post is entitled "Recent Press Clippings" plural, and that's because I also just stumbled across a guest feature I wrote recently for M Lifestyle Magazine over in Singapore. Occasionally I get contacted by publications asking for my thoughts on certain issues/events/fashion etc. and if I do have anything to say then I'm usually more than happy to oblige. So here's a brief snippet of me responding to certain pieces from the recent Spring/Summer 15 runway shows in Europe and commenting upon which outfits I may or may not wear.